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Resilience Retreat for stress reduction - Aid Workers

Datum: 14-09-2019
Tijd: 14 - 20 september 2019
Locatie: Jordanië

Dutch Stress and Trauma experts offer a unique hands-on programma to permanently release stress and build resilience.
We offer you a 5 day experience that can give you a profound lasting change in your stress levels and mental fitness.
The combination of our innovative approach with enough time to relax in stunning Jordan will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and strengthened long after the retreat. With a clearer mind and methods to use back home you can increase your workflow, productivity and find a healthy work-life balance.
Do you wish to get more grip on your work and life? Do you want to feel more balanced and resilient?

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Stress release for staff 
- from NGO's, UN and International Organisations - 

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