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Rural and community-led initiatives by and for indigenous women

Datum: 16-06-2021
Tijd: 11:50 - 12:35
Locatie: Online

People-centred action: Debating gender-based and indigenous approaches to sustainability in Latin America and Africa

This lab debate would be used to discuss community-led initiatives exploring the linkages among climate justice, biodiversity conservation and gender, specifically addressing those initiated by indigenous women. The debate would engage participants in understanding the aspects of a feminist approach to climate responses via case studies from Africa and Latin America.

Key questions:
  • What led to the success of some forest-based communities in controlling and preserving their land?
  • How can women’s access to natural resources, notably land, be increased?
  • How can we link ecology and feminism and encourage the adoption of gender responsive policies?
  • How does strengthening communities foster environmental protection?
  • How do we capture indigenous knowledge to increase resilience?