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Ted Style Talks – From the Ground UP: Yemeni Women's Participation in the Peace Process

Datum: 16-09-2019
Tijd: 09:00 - 12:00
Locatie: Humanity House

CARE and partners would like to invite participants to an interactive session of Ted Style talks whereby a very special group of Yemeni nationals who bring forward their expert and diverse perspectives as they reflect on what works, pressing needs and opportunities for Yemeni Women's Participation in the Peace Process.

Yemen is going through a fifth year of conflict which has created the worst humanitarian and protection crisis in the world. Since 2015 when the conflict escalated in Yemen, four rounds of peace talks have been organised among conflict parties under the UN umbrella. In all the rounds women and youth participation was minimal. One of the most crucial aspects in realising lasting and inclusive peace is making sure women participate as actors in the peace process, which is challenged by a shrinking space for local CSOs. Securing lasting peace will require an inclusive settlement, where women are represented, but also their voices are representative.

During the event, Yemeni guest speakers representing local CSOs, Women Led Organizations and youth led initiatives will provide insights into diverse topics of relevance to Yemeni Women’s participation in the peace process. The executive manager of a local Yemeni CSO which focuses on art and culture will highlight the work on art in times of conflict where art is considered luxury. Peacebuilding through art has been a tool of resistance for many young people. An independent youth representative will share perspectives on the role of youth in communities as peace builders and war makers with limited options context where some young people had to join battlefield to secure a monthly income. The executive director of a local CSO which focuses on social change will share insights to the struggles of local CSOs to operate under different authorities and shrinking spaces for women led CSOs where they end up closing CSOs due to lack of funding/ no accessibility or embrace emergency projects to sustain continuity.

Moderator: Petra Stienen

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