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The Annual Cordaid Wise Women Debate

Datum: 13-04-2023
Tijd: 15:00-16:30
Locatie: Theater Concordia, Hoge Zand 42, 2512 EM, Den Haag

Cordaid is pleased to invite you to an inspirational event, following Easter. The story of Easter includes the story of three women who were the first to discover that Jesus had overcome death and who brought the good news of a new beginning into the world.
Women were, are and will be always vital witnesses, messengers and actors in bringing change to the world, although this is not always recognized. Female thought leaders will share their wisdom and will provide us with inspiration for our work across the globe in the years to come.
This years’ theme will be: Crisis and Resurrection: the need for a feminist perspective on bringing change about?
Young women from partner organisations of Cordaid will give their testimonies on what they see around them. Three thought leaders in The Netherlands will discuss the challenge of a wide variety of voices and even polarization in the political and public debate and how a feminist perspective could lead to inclusive, equitable solutions. 
The event will be moderated by Kathleen Ferrier – Former Member of Parliament and Chair Dutch UNESCO.
  • Bea ten Tusscher - Special Envoy Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Freedom of Religion
  • Niloufar Rahim - General practitioner & Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) ambassador (IOM)
  • The third speaker is to be confirmed
You can register in this link.
See the official invitation here.
Your presence will be highly appreciated.