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The impact of the war in Ukraine on Women Globally: Part 1, Experiences from Europe

Datum: 06-09-2022
Tijd: 2.30-4.00 PM CEST
Locatie: Online

This two-part series aims to bring together women’s lived realities and feminist analysis around the world in context of the war in Europe and an increasing militarism worldwide. The events will be a space to raise concerns from diverse perspectives and to build feminist solidarity against the war and disturbing emerging global trends.

The two-part webinar will explore the following questions:
1. What are the impacts of the war in Ukraine war women and girls globally?
2. How do women’s/feminist agendas get affected in Russia and in Ukraine and other countries in the region?
3. How has the energy, food and vaccine crisis impact women and girls globally?
4. How is war impacting global trends and political economy? There is an increase of militarism, and military budgets. There also is a rise of the populist extreme right in Europe. A rise in xenophobia, anti-gender attitudes and a questioning of EU’s sanctions vs Russia. What are the impacts of these trends on women and girls?
5. Sanctions vs Russia and its implications in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
6. What is the role of global blocs such as G20, G7 and BRICS in such crisis and in highly polarised world?
7. What is the way forward and how to build solidarity among feminists globally?

Expected Outcome from Two Phases of Webinars:
1. The comprehensive report/ blog from the insights of both webinars.
2. One joint feminist statement in solidarity.

Information about the speakers will follow. Read or Download here, the Concept note.

Part 1, Experiences from Europe, 2.30-4.00 PM CEST, Tuesday 6 September 2022.
In English and translation in Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Click here to Register.

Part 2, Women's Voices and Analysis from the global South", 2.30-4.00 PM CEST, Thursday 8 September 2022. In English and translation in Spanish and Portuguese. Click here to Register.
Organised by BFW (BRICS Feminist Watch) in partnership with WIDE+, AIDOS, Focus on the Global South and its members Gen Dev, Inequality Movement, Espaço Feminista, and PWESCR'.