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The Political Participation of Young Migrant Women in the Pursuit of Climate Justice

Datum: 08-11-2021
Tijd: 9:00 UK
Locatie: Glasgow Science Centre, Tower Base South

Why do young female migrants' voices matter in the pursuit of climate resilience and adaptation? 
How can we encourage migrant women’s political participation and leadership? 
What tools are available for migrant women to meaningfully address broader frameworks of injustice in the struggle for climate justice? 

Join a panel of young migrant women and members of RadicalGirlsss in a conversation 
on feminist political participation, the CEDAW convention and climate justice at COP26.

Alyssa Ahrabare (project officer of the European Network of Migrant Women and spokeswoman of Osez le féminisme)
Azura Farrell-McLeod (ecofeminist and charity administrator)
Natasha Noreen (feminist activist and sociology student)
Facilitated by Bec Wonders (researcher and artist)

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