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Why Dutch forest policy needs ecofeminism

Datum: 28-05-2022
Tijd: 10:45-12:00
Locatie: Leeszaal KIT Amsterdam

Protecting African forests is crucial in fighting climate change, biodiversity loss and for sustaining life on earth. Climate change as a consequence of deforestation and forest degradation disproportionally affects women. Yet, they remain underrepresented in decision making. Governance can only be sustainable when it is inclusive.

Forest policies in the Netherlands have a significant impact on forest-dependent women. Therefore the Dutch government holds a responsibility in protecting African forests. To emphasize the gender dimensions, Women Engage for a Common Future executed an eco-feminist analysis of Dutch forest policies and formulated concrete recommendations.

In this workshop, we want to use this analysis to talk about gender-inclusive forest policies from local to international level, involving African women and indigenous people in the policy-making and decision making process. We also want to address the responsibility the Netherlands has towards forest-rich countries in Africa and share grassroots and gender-inclusive climate solutions from local communities in Africa.

Speakers: Rene van Hell (Director Inclusive Green Growth Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs), John Baaki (Deputy Executive Director Women Environmental Programme Nigeria), Marilia Monteiro Silva (WECF)

Language: English
Organisatie: WECF
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