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WomenDeliver - Get Your Hustle On! Be A Good Sex Workers' Rights Ally

Datum: 19-07-2023
Tijd: 13:30 - 15:00 uur
Locatie: Kigali, Rwanda

Organised by Count Me In! (CMI!), Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA), Uganda Network of Sex Worker-led Organizations (UNESO) 

Feminism stands up for bodily autonomy and a life of dignity for all. But often, feminist organisations are absent from sex workers’ rights movements. This can sometimes be due to the lack of information or misconceptions about sex workers’ rights. Join us at Women Deliver 2023 to learn how you can be a better ally in order not to leave anyone behind. 

At Women Deliver 2023, our exclusive session will focus on practices and recommendations that enable women's and sexual and reproductive health and rights organisations to better engage with sex workers and support sex workers' rights and their advocacy efforts. It will highlight factors to consider when designing programmes and activities to improve the lives of all women, including sex workers.   
Venue : AD11

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