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Workshop with Yemeni CSO’s for NAP 1325 Signatories

Datum: 17-09-2019
Tijd: 10:00 - 13:00
Locatie: CARE, Parkstraat 19, 2514 JD Den Haag

In continuation of the previous exchanges between the NAP Group and Yemeni Civil Society under the banner of ‘Bridging the Gap’, this Workshop will provide a next opportunity to exchange information, ideas and possible (joint) strategies for contributing to the end of the crisis in Yemen. 

Specific objectives: The first core objective is to get a context and programmatic update and exchange from both sides (activities and initiatives undertaken by the Yemeni partners and by the various organizations and individuals that are part of the NAP Group. The second core objective is to unpack some of the assumptions and ideas related to current strategies within the selected themes so learn more about current and future opportunities for impact and change. The third core objective is to use this exchange to discuss and test with the Yemeni partner organizations the possible role(s) and joint advocacy points that the Dutch Yemen NAP Group is considering; and also hear from them where they particularly see the added value of the Dutch group.

To register, please reply to the chair of the NAP 1325 Yemen Group Dirk-Jan Jalvingh: before Friday September 13. Lunch is included.