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#Artivism for gender equality – call for proposals

Calling all artists!
Would you like to put your feminist art on exhibition at the upcoming regional civil society forum on #GenerationEquality in Geneva, 28 October? We are currently doing a collaboration with the regional @UN_women office for the Caucasus, Central Asia, Europe or North America. We will select 25 art pieces to celebrate that the landmark women’s rights agreement #BeijingPlatformforAction is turning 25-years-old next year.

What are we looking for?
If you have some art which highlights intersectional struggles from the Caucasus, Central Asia, Europe or North America regions, then this call is for you! It doesn’t need to be newly created for the anniversary but can be something you have designed already. We will print it as a poster, where your Instagram handle together with a short description of the art (max 500 characters) will be clearly visible.

The posters will look like Instagram posts, the illustration will be scaled 1:1 with a white frame and text underneath. The full size of the posters will be 850mm x 500mm – your art should be 500x500mm.

Yay, how do I apply?
Send an email to, labelling it "#Artivism For Gender Equality”. Deadline to apply is Monday, 7 October 2019, at 23:59 CEST. Please help us spread the message if you are not an artist yourself – forward this message to your design friends, or tag them in our Instagram post.


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