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Conclusion Biarritz Partnership for gender equality


The Council seeks to ensure the full and effective participation of girls and women in decision-making, in the G7 processes, and beyond.


To this end, the Council calls on the G7 and other countries to make individual commitments towards improving the legal and policy frameworks, with a view toward creating a global coalition committed to the full empowerment of girls and women through the implementation of laws that protect and promote equality and women’s and girls’ rights.


It also invites States – G7 and others – to fully integrate the goal of gender equality into all of their policies, from education to health, through social affairs or employment policies, science, and efforts to create sustainable economies.


The Advisory Council invites G7 leaders and non-G7-countries to commit to adopting, implementing and strengthening at least one law in their own countries, but preferably several.


At the same time, discriminatory laws that are currently in place should be repealed, including closing any related legal loopholes that enable negative practices.


The Council urges States to devote the necessary financial and human resources to implement this ambitious, but achievable, goal, such as through dedicated gender-sensitive and inclusive budgeting and sector plans.


In addition, the Council calls on States to support civil society – NGOs, feminist groups, and grassroots organizations – which are essential to achieving gender equality. Resources are also needed for data collection and analysis to inform the response.


Finally, the Council strongly recommends that G7 leaders define an accountability framework, with clear indicators that continuously track and report on G7 performance on gender equality actions and commitments, and encourages that the States begin these processes before the next G7.

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