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Enquête over de situatie van vrouwelijke mensenrechtenverdedigers en vrouwelijke journalisten

We hebben je hulp nodig! Stichting Kvinna till Kvinna houdt twee maal per jaar een enquête om de situatie van vrouwelijke mensenrechtenverdedigers in kaart te brengen en te volgen (te publiceren in het rapport Femdefenders). Doe mee aan de enquête.
Over the last years, we have witnessed a backlash on gender equality globally in combination with a shrinking space for civil society in many contexts. Women’s rights organisations and activists and women journalists are targeted and sometimes silenced.  
To counter this development and push the agenda for women’s rights and gender equality forward, we need to gather information and data on what is happening. And form strategies to become stronger together.   
We ask you to contribute through filling out this short-and-quick survey that will constitute the bases for the report. The survey will take maximum 15 minutes to fill out, and your contribution is crucial to make the survey global and solid. We aim to have contributions from most corners of the world, so your contribution will be one of many.  
The survey is available in the following languages: Arabic, Bosnian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.  When you enter the link below, please go to the top-right corner, where it says "English”. Select your language through clicking on "English” and scrolling down to your preferred language. 
Please answer before April 30
All information will be handled with care and as secure as possible, and of course the survey is anonymous. There is still too little documentation about the situation for women human rights defenders – please help us to contribute to more voices being heard.


Meer weten over wat wij vinden dat er gedaan moet worden voor vrouwelijke mensenrechtenverdedigers? Zie ook de gezamenlijke eisen die we in maart hebben gepresenteerd tijdens de Generation Equality Forum:


In de Kennisbank vind je meer informatie over wereldwijde gendergelijkheid, respect voor vrouwenrechten en alle thema’s waar WO=MEN zich voor inzet.