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Portraits women peace activists in Groene Amsterdammer

WO=MEN has engaged a freelance journalist working for De Groene Amsterdammer, to make a series of portraits of women (and men) working on UNSC 1325 in conflict countries. The first interview with Yemeni peace activist Suha Basharen has now been published, on 9 October. Read the interview here.
More interviews coming months
Over the coming year – in the running up of 20 years UNSCR 1325 more women will be interviewed. This will be an excellent opportunity to bring the Gender (Women), Peace & Security agenda, the organization and work of the person interviewed as well as the situation of the countries of origin to the attention of a wider audience in the Netherlands.We remind you to identify visiting colleagues in the coming months whom you think would like to tell their story, for people in the Netherlands getting informed about the good work they are doing. WO=MEN will facilitate the initial contacts with the journalist but following that direct connections will be established for ease of communication. We look forward to a good series of interviews in the coming months!
For further information, please contact Karin de Jonge.
Inspirational talks in Royal Tropical Institute KIT
Another PR opportunity for your visiting local partner or staff is the series of ‘Inspirational Talks’ that WO=MEN plans to co-host with Vice Versa. Starting from this autumn to next summer, we’ll have the opportunity to program Talks with strong women leaders and activists in the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). For further information, please contact Anne-Floor Dekker.

In de Kennisbank vind je meer informatie over wereldwijde gendergelijkheid, respect voor vrouwenrechten en alle thema’s waar WO=MEN zich voor inzet.