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There is no gender equality without protection for women defenders

March 30, 2021
According to Global Witness, around the world, an average of four people each week have been killed since 2015 for speaking out against companies appropriating territories and wreaking havoc on the environment. Additionally, the most recent report from Frontline Defenders found that 28% of human rights defenders killed in 2020 worked for women’s human rights. 

Dozens of organizations from different parts of the world committed to gender justice and protecting women’s lives and rights will bring this issue at the Generation Equality Forum and the Commission on Status of Women, this march 30th, 2021. 

In a session titled "Protection of women human rights defenders, an imperative for the achievement of equality”, they will launch a set of urgent demands urging, "States, as well as relevant intergovernmental mechanisms and donors, immediately adopt a set of indispensable and urgent measures to ensure the holistic protection of WHRDs, who are working to build a future with dignity and justice for all”.
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Indispensable Measures to ensure The Holistic Protection And Leadership of WHRDs


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