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WO=MEN joins input ICC Policy Paper on Gender Persecution

WO=MEN joined over 221 feminist organizations and academic institutes from 80 countries and territories in providing a statement for the Policy Paper on Gender Persecution developed by the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) Office of the Prosecutor (OTP). This Policy Paper aims to clarify global norms against gender persecution and strengthen recognition of gender persecution in investigations and legal proceedings – a truly groundbreaking opportunity for clarity on a topic that has been overlooked for too long.
The paper forms an opportunity to reaffirm that targeting women and LGBTIQ, non-binary, and gender non-conforming persons in peacetime and conflict can amount to a crime against humanity. By better understanding how and when gender persecution occurs, accountability can be strengthened, survivors included in building sustainable peace, and the cycle of gender-based violence disrupted. 
In the statement, participating civil society groups from across the globe submitted principles to be taken into consideration for the policy paper. These include input on accountability mechanisms, awareness and gender regulations.
The OTP held the first consultation period, with a March, 2022 deadline to submit comments regarding the content of the first draft of the policy. The OTP will release the first draft of the policy in September 2022 and open a second consultation period, ending in October 2022. The final policy will be released in December 2022 at the Assembly of States Parties.
The statement can be read here.

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