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06-07-2022 UN HLPF: Trading better: Women's economic rights in building a sustainable future
05-07-2022 High Level Political Forum (HLPF)
02-07-2022 Demonstration: Abortion is a right!
30-06-2022 Lotsverbondenheid of opportunisme? In gesprek over de beleidsnota van Minister Schreinemacher
30-06-2022 YOUTH ENGAGEMENT in partnerships for development
29-06-2022 LGBTI People Defending Civic Space
23-06-2022 Peace & justice café: THE FUTURE OF DEMOCRACY
23-06-2022 Presentation & Dialogue: Working with Faith-Based Actors for Development
20-06-2022 Climate March
16-06-2022 Inputsession Africa Strategy: Gender equality
16-06-2022 We Are ONSIDE
14-06-2022 Hybrid Meeting Round Table: debrief Commission on Population and Development and discussion on the backlash in the USA
07-06-2022 Sexuality & Censorship: Safe & Inclusive Digital Spaces for Young People in MENA
02-06-2022 WO=MEN General Assembly (members only)
02-06-2022 Debate: Feminist Leadership in Humanitarian Response: Can We Do It?
28-05-2022 Does the Dutch Africa strategy work for women?
28-05-2022 Power to You(th): conversation between political youth parties and African youth activists
28-05-2022 Why Dutch forest policy needs ecofeminism
25-05-2022 Practice what you preach: Integrating feminism in your organization
20-05-2022 Women Leading the Energy Transition
19-05-2022 Between Fresh Water and the Tides: 10 Years building and learning about care and healing among women human rights defenders and their collectivities
17-05-2022 Until All of Us Are Free: Intersectional Feminist Fishbowls
17-05-2022 Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Rights: the lived realities of LGBTI persons
13-05-2022 Connecting trans experiences to transform policy
12-05-2022 Gendergelijkheid: waar(om) niet? Webinar Collegetour Gouda
10-05-2022 U.S. and European Strategies to Tackle Human Rights in Global Supply Chains
10-05-2022 Online Dialogue Session: Resourcing Migrant Women’s Activism in Europe
06-05-2022 Our voices, our futures: LGBTI People Defending Civic Space
03-05-2022 Webinar Applying for ECOSOC Consultative Status
27-04-2022 Male Engagement Theory of Change and Life Course Approach
21-04-2022 CSW66 Debriefing met de Nederlandse delegatie en maatschappelijk middenveld
21-04-2022 Fossil Fuel Treaty: a Bold Feminist Climate Solution for Peace at Stockholm+50
13-04-2022 First Ever Feminist Foreign Policy Summit
12-04-2022 Feminist Action Nexus for Economic and Climate Justice: Global Kickoff
07-04-2022 Breaking the silos: Why international policies should link climate, gender and conflict and how Feminist Foreign Policy can be a driver of this change
07-04-2022 Workshop: "Draagvlak in onze samenleving voor migranten en vluchtelingen"
06-04-2022 for people experiencing gender-based violence.
01-04-2022 Including Structurally Silenced Women & WHRDs in Feminist Foreign Policy
30-03-2022 Seeing the Unseen: The case for action in the neglected crisis of unintended pregnancy
25-03-2022 CSW66: Youth Ecofeminist Voices - Connecting Regional Activisms
24-03-2022 CSW66: Young Women and Climate Action: Educating a Climate Conscious Generation
24-03-2022 CSW66: Young Leaders in SRHR and Climate Movement
23-03-2022 CSW66: Key Intersections: Gender, Disability and Climate Change
22-03-2022 CSW66: Strengthening Institutions for a Gender Transformative Environmental Policy
22-03-2022 Climate crisis and education: A women’s Voice Included
18-03-2022 CSW66: On the Margins: A Gendered Perspective on Labour Rights
18-03-2022 CSW66: Strengthening labour rights through cross-movement collaborations - trade unions, sex worker' organisations and feminist groups
18-03-2022 CSW66: Challenges in Combatting VAWG in the Netherlands
18-03-2022 CSW66: Gendered Dimensions of Corruption and Its Impact in Gender Inequality
18-03-2022 CSW66: Accountability for all women and girls: Delivering on the ICPD and Beijing Agendas
17-03-2022 CSW66: Gender Just Climate Solutions: Envisioning Cimate Finance
16-03-2022 CSW66: Securing Women's and Girl's Land tenur to promote communities Resilience to Climate change and advance sustainable Ecominic Justice & Rights
16-03-2022 CSW66: Gender and Climate Justice: From Local Action to National Policy
16-03-2022 CSW66: Ratifying and Implementing ILO Convention 190 - A Global Dialogue
16-03-2022 CSW66: Gender Equality for Climate Justice
16-03-2022 Climate change and impact on violence against women
16-03-2022 CSW66: Generation Equality Accountability for Adolescent Girls: An intergenerational dialogue
16-03-2022 CSW66: Popcorn Power Hour: Building a feminist movement for urgent action, strong powerful voices to ensure bodily autonomy & SRHR of women, girls and vulnerable populations for climate emergency responses
16-03-2022 CSW66: The Road to Youth-Inclusive Implementation of WPS-HA Compact Actions
16-03-2022 CSW66: Towards a Gender- and Climate-Just Economy: Financing the Climate-Care Nexus
16-03-2022 CSW66: Building Commitment On Gender-Responsive Policing And Addressing Violence Against Women And Girls
16-03-2022 CSW66: Global Alliance for Care: The relevance of care work for gender equality – action for sustainability
16-03-2022 CSW66: Generation Equality High-level Multistakeholder Intergenerational Interactive Dialogue
16-03-2022 CS66 NGO Briefing
16-03-2022 CSW66: No Time to Lose: Child Marriage and the Triple Crisis
16-03-2022 CSW66: Climate change advocacy at the intersection of gender and disability
15-03-2022 CSW66: The Women's Land Rights, Climate Vulnerability and Resilience Nexus
15-03-2022 CSW66 WHRDs Talk Back: Environmental Defenders on Protecting Civic Space
15-03-2022 CSW66: Gendered Environmental Impact of Conflict - Perspectives of Frontline Women Activists
15-03-2022 CSW66: A Feminist European Green Deal - How can we achieve a transition that is Green and Gender Transformative?
15-03-2022 CSW66: Amplifying women and youth to combat climate change: solutions and best practices
15-03-2022 CSW66: Feminist solutions for the environmental and climate crisis
15-03-2022 CSW66: Water; Climate change and life chances for girls and women
15-03-2022 Funding Feminist Transformations
14-03-2022 CSW66: Worldwide Women's Helplines Project: Where We Are
14-03-2022 CSW66: Engaging Men to End Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
10-03-2022 Interactive workshop: Working with faith-based actors for development
08-03-2022 How to challenge harmful social and gender norms, and their underlying power structures, in humanitarian contexts?
08-03-2022 FemTopia
08-03-2022 Climate Justice Needs Young Feminists event
08-03-2022 The big 'erase-the-wage-gap' quiz
08-03-2022 International Women’s Day
07-03-2022 Reality check: Are we on track to achieve SDG 5 by 2030?
07-03-2022 Oxfam Novib's Equality Hub
07-03-2022 Atria Book Club on Men who Engage by Ivan Jablonka
05-03-2022 Women's March 2022: TIME IS UP!
02-03-2022 A Feminist European Green Deal – Towards an ecological and gender just transition
25-02-2022 Webinar Subdued Coverage
24-02-2022 Webinar: “Breaking the Bias For Women’s Access to Finance”
17-02-2022 Item
17-02-2022 NGO CSW66 Forum Training
17-02-2022 GDS Webinar: We are Able! - Are YOU able too?
16-02-2022 Economic Empowerment for Women in the Workplace
16-02-2022 Disability Rights in Broader Social Movements
10-02-2022 Unlocking feminist activism
07-02-2022 Confronting Russian Aggression: The Voices of Ukrainian Women
04-02-2022 Open cso Hearing: CSW Methods of work
01-02-2022 Exchange Sessions on Disability Inclusion
01-02-2022 Dutch NGO briefing for the 66th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66)
27-01-2022 Online Seminar: ”Intersectional gender mainstreaming in policy making”
20-01-2022 World Café on 20 January: Shift the power@work
18-01-2022 Fourth intersessional meeting on human rights and the 2030 Agenda
18-01-2022 Building forward better - Reaffirming the Sustainable Recovery Pledge
17-01-2022 Consultation CSW66 priorities & recommendations
17-12-2021 Accountability for SGBC in Colombia
16-12-2021 Human Rights for All: Commemorating CEDAW and the CRC
16-12-2021 The Transnational Anti-Gender Movement In The Wider Anti-Democratic Climate
15-12-2021 Advancing Generation Equality Forum Commitments in the Europe and Central Asia Region
13-12-2021 CSW66 Kick-Off Meeting
10-12-2021 Final NAP 1325 Signatory Event of 2021!
10-12-2021 Her Safety Is Priority
09-12-2021 Paper Launch - Intrinsically linked: gender equality, climate, and biodiversity
09-12-2021 Make Human Rights Mechanisms Work for WASH
02-12-2021 Conference on Yemen: going beyond humanitarian assistance
01-12-2021 Q&A to prepare for application iMPACT direct
30-11-2021 Online Seminar: Joint strategies of LGBTQI* rights and feminisms
30-11-2021 Online transgressive behavior: Sex(e) and the Internet
29-11-2021 Karama: 16 Days of Activism
29-11-2021 Expertmeeting CEDAW GR37
28-11-2021 Postponed: Orange the World Demonstration: Break the silence against violence
24-11-2021 FEM Talk: Feminist foreign policy and international good practices for a fairer work-care distribution
22-11-2021 Climate change, conflict and gender – why these agendas should not be siloed
18-11-2021 Linking Research, Policy and Practice
17-11-2021 Gender(on)gelijkheid & Klimaatverandering in Nederland
17-11-2021 LGBTI and Feminist Movements: Pushing back on the Pushback
16-11-2021 Online Seminar: Racism, Classism and Gender discrimination: intersectional feminist approach in strategy and analysis
11-11-2021 COP26 Side Event: A Fair Race to Net-Zero– Scaling fair, inclusive and gender-focused voluntary carbon markets
10-11-2021 Mini-Film Festival bridging the gender pay-gap
10-11-2021 Food sovereignty and health for all women worldwide, how the EU is blocking it in the WTO
08-11-2021 The Political Participation of Young Migrant Women in the Pursuit of Climate Justice
08-11-2021 Including local voices in decision making to ensure just climate action
08-11-2021 2021 Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards Ceremony
05-11-2021 Climate justice, education and gender equality: targeting the connections
04-11-2021 Virtual launch event of the Equileap Dutch 2021 report
04-11-2021 COP 26 side event 'Gender-just climate finance: from barriers to actionable solutions'
03-11-2021 Online Seminar: Intergenerational Feminist Dialogue
28-10-2021 Feminist support to women activists and movements, making non-violent activism count politically
28-10-2021 Feminist Solutions to climate Crisis: Building a Green Future
27-10-2021 Defend her! Women Human Rights Defenders’ Recommendations for Diplomatic Missions
26-10-2021 Online workshop: Sex work & Opposition
26-10-2021 The 21st Anniversary of the WPS Agenda: Progress or Regress?
26-10-2021 #SHEcurity conference
21-10-2021 Global Encryption Day
21-10-2021 Freedom of Expression and Gender Justice.
21-10-2021 How does the climate crisis impact peace and security for women and youth?
20-10-2021 Workshop: Corona Crisis & Gender Equality – or Geography of Hope
18-10-2021 What does feminist COVID-19 recovery look like in the context of conflict?
14-10-2021 HER Film Festival 2021
14-10-2021 Living the Risks, Owning the Outcomes: Redefining Success of PVE Programming in the Sahel
12-10-2021 Climate Justice needs Young Feminists
07-10-2021 Professional Development Programme for Gender Trainers (PDPGT)
06-10-2021 Women in Uniform: Does Participation Shift U.S. Military Culture and Operations?
05-10-2021 Decolonising Peacebuilding Practice Consultation
04-10-2021 Launch of the MPI SRHR and HIV/AIDS
30-09-2021 Child Early and Forced Marriage: we must do better for youth's human rights
26-09-2021 Inaugural Gender and Development Forum
22-09-2021 Claiming the World Young People Deserve
21-09-2021 Women in conflicts
16-09-2021 Beyond COVID-19: A feminist plan for sustainability and social justice
16-09-2021 Generation Equality Forum Action Coalitions Town Hall
14-09-2021 Everything is legal here, right? Realities of Dutch prostitution policy
13-09-2021 Princess Day 2021: Small jobs, big risks. An inclusive labor market for practically educated women
12-09-2021 Global South Feminist Visions of Environmental Justice
07-09-2021 Changing The Game! Rewrite the rules of the donor game
01-09-2021 Crear | Résister | Transform: a festival for feminist movements!
25-08-2021 A New Toolkit for Land Defenders - Africa Launch
12-08-2021 Launching First Global Report on Sex Worker Rights Defenders at Risk
02-08-2021 Women included or excluded in G20: Implications on Gender
26-07-2021 GEF (Generation Equality Forum) Informal Feminist Debrief
15-07-2021 HLPF Side Event: Building an equal, inclusive and sustainable economies for resilient societies in the face of pandemics: A Gender Perspective
14-07-2021 HLPF Side event - Changing narratives about unpaid care work and the economy
13-07-2021 HRC47 Side Event - Rights at Risk: Time for Action
08-07-2021 Tackling Acid Attacks: Reducing Violent Crime & Supporting Victims
08-07-2021 Online FEM Talk: Small jobs. Practice.
07-07-2021 Invitation: Debriefing Generation Equality Forum Paris - Reflections and Opportunities for Gender Equality and SRHR Advocates
06-07-2021 Climate justice & conflict: Gender, peace and environmental rights
02-07-2021 Feminist ally coalitions at the UN
02-07-2021 Amplifying Feminists Power: Resisting Anti-Rights Movements
30-06-2021 Feminist Economic Recovery and Transformation of the Care System
30-06-2021 Feminists with disabilities cannot take the floor at the Generation Equality Forum
28-06-2021 Netwerk VN-Vrouwenverdrag: Overleg kernpunten in oral statement netwerk
28-06-2021 Virtual international event parallel to the Generation Equality Forum in Paris
27-06-2021 Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy Launch
25-06-2021 A Data L.I.F.T. for Gender Equality
24-06-2021 ASWH werkgeversevenement 2021 Tussen loon en luiers
24-06-2021 ARC Learning Event on VSLAs in Nexus Programming
24-06-2021 Advancing Energy (SDG7) and Gender Equality (SDG5)
24-06-2021 Generation Equality Forum Paris event: Reversing the rollback: advancing feminist action
22-06-2021 Closing Event - MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium
19-06-2021 Werkplaatsbijeenkomst WILPF
19-06-2021 Wereldvluchtelingendag: wake voor meer begrip en medemenselijkheid
18-06-2021 Nothing about us, without us: Amplifying the priorities of women and girls with disabilities
16-06-2021 Rural and community-led initiatives by and for indigenous women
15-06-2021 Workshop Grensoverschrijdend gedrag in de Politiek
15-06-2021 Generation Equality Forum - Civil society consultation by WO=MEN
14-06-2021 iMPACT direct workshop for grant-partnership
11-06-2021 Countering digital exclusion of the most marginalized in online spaces in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Uganda, Lebanon& Sudan
11-06-2021 (Interactieve) informatiemiddag Generation Equality Forum
10-06-2021 NAP 1325 Bi-Annual Signatory Event
09-06-2021 Launch Actionplan: National Coordinator Violence against Women
08-06-2021 Opportunities for Iraq: An online event
04-06-2021 World Environment Day live panel discussion
31-05-2021 The Way Forward - Accelerating Progress for Women and Girls
27-05-2021 Webinar Improving the Safety of Women & Girls
26-05-2021 Virtual Dialogue: Generational Equality Action Coalition* on Feminist Movements &Leadership (AC6)
26-05-2021 Virtual discussion violence and conflict early warning systems
25-05-2021 Virtual Dialogue: Generational Equality Action Coalition* on Feminist Movements &Leadership (AC6)
21-05-2021 Invitation to the launch of “Understanding the Gender-Environment Nexus”
20-05-2021 Invitation CSW65 debriefing
20-05-2021 LNOB Webinar on intersectionality and SDGs
16-05-2021 Nominate a candidate for the International Gender Equality Prize by 16 May 2021
13-05-2021 Supporting Victims of Image Based Sexual Abuse: Improving Criminal Justice Responses to Digital Forms of Domestic Abuse
11-05-2021 Gender equality and the Istanbul Convention: a decade of action
29-04-2021 Algemene Ledenvergadering 'De politieke waan voorbij'
25-04-2021 Movies that Matter festival - documentary Nasrin
20-04-2021 Bringing women back into Yemen's political process
20-04-2021 The Power of Local Action: WRO and GDO Leadership in Locally Led Humanitarian Action
15-04-2021 The impact of COVID-19 on realizing the ICPD agenda, SRHR and gender equality
14-04-2021 Launch of the UNFPA State of the World Population Report 2021
13-04-2021 Partos Kenniscafé | Diversiteit op de werkvloer
09-04-2021 A Feminist Lens on Migration and Trade
30-03-2021 A seat at the table - Women in Global Leadership
29-03-2021 Generation Equality Forum - Mexico
27-03-2021 Online Exhibition Syrian Artist Zozan Hamo
26-03-2021 CSW 65 - Feminists on the Frontlines: Rights Defenders across the global South
26-03-2021 CSW 65 - Navigating the Generation Equality Mexico Forum
25-03-2021 CSW 65 - Countering gender-stereotyping: media’s role and connections with regulatory frameworks
24-03-2021 CSW 65 - Partnerships to Accelerate Global Action to End FGM/C by 2030
22-03-2021 CSW 65 - Why we need a feminist vision for Agenda 2030: Feminist voices at the policy table, sharing lessons
22-03-2021 CSW 65 - How Religious Actors Are Advancing Women’s Participation & Leadership in Public Life
19-03-2021 CSW 65 - Sexwork an individual choice? Challenging feminist, liberal views
18-03-2021 CSW 65 - Ensuring Public Participation, Amplified Voice and Safe Spaces for Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy
18-03-2021 CSW 65 - Follow the money: activist tools for challenging extractives
17-03-2021 Item
16-03-2021 CSW 65 - Gender Equality/Equity in Healthcare
16-03-2021 CSW 65 - Briefing for NGO'S
16-03-2021 CSW 65 - Mock Trial – Women and Girl’s Empowerment through Responsive Quality Education
16-03-2021 CSW 65 - Backlash on Women’s Rights Advocacy Since B+ Shadow Reports
16-03-2021 CSW 65 - Engaging LGBTIQ youth: the journey to meaningful participation
15-03-2021 CSW 65 - Worldwide Women's Helplines Project: A Number to call wherever you are
11-03-2021 Frontline: Converstion with indigenous women at risk for defending their lands, rights and dignity.
10-03-2021 NIET OVER ONS ZONDER ONS - Gender MPI verkiezingsspecial
08-03-2021 Women's March 2021: Global Sisterhood
06-03-2021 White Ribbon Webinar
04-03-2021 Expert Round Table: The Role of Dutch Missions in the Protection of Women, Human Rights Defenders
03-03-2021 Global care chains and vulnerabilities in the COVID19 crisis (ENG - ESP)
25-02-2021 GIWPS: Making The Law Work for Women
05-02-2021 "Leading The Way”: Women Driving Peace and Security in Afghanistan, the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Yemen
28-01-2021 Save the Date: CSW briefing maatschappelijk middenveld
21-01-2021 Extra CSW consultation
19-01-2021 International Advocacy challenges and opportunities in 2020 & 2021
14-01-2021 Dutch only
12-01-2021 Dokters van de Wereld project: Reach Out!
18-12-2020 Rebels For Whose Cause? Stories from the Frontline of Gendered Counter-terrorism
17-12-2020 Discussion series with Generation Equality Action Coalition Leaders: 6 Innovation & technology
17-12-2020 CSW Reflectie & Kick-Off Bijeenkomst
16-12-2020 Launch of the 4th National Action Plan Women, Peace and Security (2021-2025)
15-12-2020 Discussion series with Generation Equality Action Coalition Leaders: 5 Women, peace & security
14-12-2020 Discussion series with Generation Equality Action Coalition Leaders: 4 Gender-based violence
10-12-2020 Human Rights & justice in Afghanistan and region
10-12-2020 Discussion series with Generation Equality Action Coalition Leaders: 3 Bodily autonomy & SRHR
10-12-2020 World Press Freedom Conference 2020 (WPFC 2020) - digital edition
10-12-2020 rethink gathering on International Human Rights Day
08-12-2020 Discussion series with Generation Equality Action Coalition Leaders: 2 Climate justice
07-12-2020 Impact of COVID-19 on informal women workers in Afghanistan
03-12-2020 Refugee Women as Agents for Peace
01-12-2020 PAX webinar: 'Gender' in peace and security
25-11-2020 Addressing the women, peace and security agenda in the field: practical challenges for military and civilian personnel
25-11-2020 A journey through disability & development
24-11-2020 Algemene Ledenvergadering (ALV) WO=MEN | Beijing+25: hoe nu verder?
24-11-2020 Beijing+25: Hoe nu verder?
10-11-2020 Gender & Inclusivity in Peace & Security
05-11-2020 Free Press Live - Stand up for journalists and justice
04-11-2020 Virtual Roundtable 3: Dealing with Structural Causes and Gender Hierarchies Underlying SGBV: A Comparative Approach
30-10-2020 Perspectives from Women Peace Negotiators
29-10-2020 Engaging Women in Sustaining Peace: 20 years after UNSCR 1325 | Oct 29 at 9 AM CET
28-10-2020 Virtual Roundtable 2: Constructing the SGBV Narrative in Iraq as a Way to Address and Prevent its Recurrence
28-10-2020 Truth or Dare: Learning from 20 years of collective trial and error
28-10-2020 COVID-19 and Gender Justice: Feminists in MENA defying global structural failure
26-10-2020 Learning from Grassroots Women Peacebuilders to Advance the WPS Agenda Beyond 2020
26-10-2020 Leaving no one behind @Beijing+25 and COVID-19: Lessons about Equality and Justice from Sex Workers
26-10-2020 Why gender matters to internal displacement
23-10-2020 Women’s rights on the line: Fighting for women’s rights when it matters most – peace processes
22-10-2020 Religion and the WPS agenda: Harnessing the potential of religion to improve opportunities for women in the most fragile contexts
21-10-2020 The WPS agenda and political participation: Challenges and best practices from Burundi, CAR and Guinea Bissau
21-10-2020 Virtual Roundtable 1: SGBV Mapping Report Launch and Discussion on How to Move Forward
21-10-2020 Peacebuilding in a Pandemic: Tracking the Impact of COVID-19 on Women, Peace, and Security
21-10-2020 UNSCR 1325 at 20 Years: Perspectives from Feminist Peace Activists
20-10-2020 Call to action – reflections, hopes and challenges from women’s activists on the implementation of the WPS agenda
19-10-2020 Youth-led activism for Women, Peace and Security: Looking for a paradigm shift
19-10-2020 webinar Domestic and Care Work. Between Sharia, Law and Lived Reality
19-10-2020 Ensuring Feminist and Localized Humanitarian Emergency Response: Where Women, Peace, and Security and Humanitarian Action Meet
15-10-2020 20 years of UNSCR 1325: Women, Peace and Security in the Arab Region
15-10-2020 Can technology counter hate speech? Evidence from a Women, Peace and Security perspective in Asia
15-10-2020 Women peacebuilders and first responders define priorities for gender-responsive peacebuilding and COVID-19 recovery in 2020 and beyond
14-10-2020 Her Power 2020 - An FP Virtual Summit
14-10-2020 Online exchange sessions: ‘‘Religion and the Women, Peace and Security agenda''
13-10-2020 Online exchange sessions: ‘‘Religion and the Women, Peace and Security agenda''
12-10-2020 The progress and potential of women’s leadership: Survivors of sexual violence step up and speak out for Transitional Justice
10-10-2020 Panel discussion on gender equality in South Sudan
08-10-2020 GNWP event: Beijing+25: Is the Generation Equality Compact on Women, Peace, and Security and Humanitarian Action Fit for Purpose?
08-10-2020 The State of Women in the United States: Launching the First-Ever United States Women, Peace and Security Index
06-10-2020 20 years 1325, 15 years Cooperation between the Netherlands and the DRC for Gender Equality, Peace, Security & Sustainable Development: the Diaspora in Action for Peace and Justice.
01-10-2020 Cordaid event: Religion and the 'Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda'
01-10-2020 High-Level Meeting of the UN General Assembly
21-09-2020 Transforming power to put women at the heart of peacebuilding
21-09-2020 International Peace Day webinar: ‘COVID, conflict and crises: what’s in store for 2021?’
17-09-2020 De rol van de diaspora binnen mondiale samenwerking
17-09-2020 Webinar: India's democracy
10-09-2020 REMINDER LAUNCH EVENT Customary and Informal Justice Systems: Expanding Women's Access to Justice
03-09-2020 Gender Assessment in Arms Trade: Does the Silver Bullet Exist?
28-08-2020 Reimagining Feminist Leadership in COVID-19: The Role of Women Leaders and Young Feminists
16-07-2020 Item
15-07-2020 COVID-19: Migrant women in Europe resisting increased abuse and precariousness
09-07-2020 Item
19-06-2020 Item
19-06-2020 Left behind? Women with disabilities during COVID-19
19-06-2020 Digital Dialogue on Conflict-Related Sexual Violence
18-06-2020 Item
17-06-2020 Item
16-06-2020 Exchange with cities on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on women
16-06-2020 Women Mean Business: Expert panel and global report
11-06-2020 #COVID19 and the world of work
10-06-2020 The gender dimension of foreign policy in the response to COVID-19
04-06-2020 Virtual Discussion with Human Rights Defenders During COVID-19
04-06-2020 Africa Dialogues on COVID-19 Response: Gendered impacts of COVID-19
03-06-2020 Gendered extremism
28-05-2020 The Need for Gender Data and a Gender Responsive Recovery
12-05-2020 Item
06-05-2020 Global Network of Women’s Shelters Webinars on Covid 19
21-04-2020 War Child Masterclass "Intergenerational transmission of trauma" postponed
18-04-2020 Cancelled-Resilience Retreat
18-04-2020 Humanity House Virtual Museum
14-04-2020 SDG Webinar - Gender Equality | Rotterdam School of Management
09-04-2020 Cancelled-CRSV Network NL - Round Table Discussion on “Conflict-related Sexual Violence against the Male Gender”
19-03-2020 Women and Men as partners for Peacebuilding and Gender Equality: key lessons
18-03-2020 CANCELLED: An anthropological-historical perspective on disability and development politics
07-03-2020 Zeeland Women's Day: Power in crisis
06-03-2020 Changemakers in Leaving No One Behind
06-03-2020 Vrouwenweekevent 2020
05-03-2020 Internationale Vrouwendag: She’s got the power
27-02-2020 Roundtable panel: Gender-based Violence Survivors at the Core of Justice Programming
13-02-2020 Lunchmeeting with former ambassador Laetitia van den Assum
10-02-2020 Talkshow: An inclusive democracy
01-02-2020 Advance notice: yearly network meeting of diaspora female peace activists
11-12-2019 Item